What We Do

At The Marketing Works we design and build dynamic structures to give our clients an edge over their competitors.  With over twenty years’ experience, our team’s meticulous eye for detail, unparalleled technical skill and consultancy expertise puts us at the vanguard of spacial design.
From the audacious to the intimate, we have a proven track record for the design, construction and delivery of projects that span impermanent small pop-up sites in retail, large exhibition stands at trade and consumer shows to permanent ergonomic office refits.  From product launches to company events, large corporate offices to boutique agency we bring design into real life. 
We use the most versatile structural modular system on the market to build our designs. Made from extruded aluminium, in a remarkable range of profiles, both curved and straight, the possibility for 3D design is limitless. Our use of glass, acrylic, wood, fabric, composites and graphic panels means we can make all the permutations of creative design a real possibility.
Specific applications include:
·       Exhibition Stands
·       Graphic Displays
·       Retail Displays
·       Tension Fabric Frames and Displays
·       Showcases and Cabinets
·       Retail Merchandising Units
·       Bespoke Projects
·       Kiosk
·       Office Pods and Partitioning
·       Office Screens
·       Desk Screens
We have absolute focus for detail and work closely with clients to unlock the best creative solutions for their business.  Our team handles the total design process from initial consultation to construction to de-rig, and you can be assured you will always work with the same people on a project.
If you would like to harness our talent to grow your business call us on 0845 521 0942 or
email tom.sebastiano@themarketingworks.eu